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2002 news

New avrLab release 0.17 (2002.11.07)

46 downloads of avrLab have motivated me to release a new version of avrLab
it would be nice, if somebody could drop me a note if avrLab is working with a different programmer then STK500, which I am using.

New hompage for avrLab (2002.11.03)

The time has come to change the quick and dirty homepage hack. Cause I am not an homepage designer, this project page was inspired :-) by an other project on

New avrLab release 0.16.1 (2002.10.30):

  • Added requirement for Tix (Bug 631078)

New avrLab release avrLab 0.16.0 (2002.10.25):

  • Initial public release of avrLab