Downloading avrLab

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avrLab is far from beeing finished. I am trying to make this tool also useable for others but my time is very limited and my priority is to add features which I need mostly. But I will try to satisfy the needed of any user who requests some new functionality or reports a bug as much as my time allows me to do so.
In avrLab the following functionality was implemented:
  • editor with syntax highlighting
  • support for macro assembler
  • downloading of hex files to the AVR
version 0.2, planned release date: E12/02
  • add checks if right tavrasm and uisp versions are installed
  • better integration of tavrasm and usip
  • add possibility to configure lock bits
  • add possibility to configure fuses
  • code clean-up (high priority!)
  • add comments to source code
version 0.3, planned release date: E01/03
  • add configuration for the editor (changing of colors, etc.)
  • enchance editors capabilities (multi document view, improved syntax highlighting, etc.)
version 0.4, planned release date: E03/03
  • add support for C programming language
  • add basic support for working with projects
planned for the future
  • implementation of disassembler
  • add support for alternative macro assembler
  • make a nicer GUI
avrLab is open source software and licensed under the GPL.
I am not a lawyer, so if you find something unlawful, please let me know. I will change this. Thank you.
About the author
There is only one person who maintains this software. I am a beginner in programming and not very familiar with TCL/TK. During the devolopment of avrLab I am also learning programming. So please be patient with me when you read the sourcecode or use avrLab..